Our Program

Cleveland Fire

The Cleveland Fire Boys’ Soccer Club is committed to providing professional level training and the highest possible playing environments in order to develop the skills necessary to play soccer at the highest level.  We strive to improve players’ skills, abilities and knowledge of the game, provide opportunities for personal growth and character development and promote lifelong participation in soccer, the world’s most popular game.

The mission of the Cleveland Fire Boys’ Soccer Club is to provide the highest level of training in the appropriate environment for each player.  Often times in premier soccer clubs, teams are comprised of players at varying levels.  In this environment we find that the training and playing experience either does not reach the needs of the truly elite player, is too high for the not quite elite player or is some combination of the two.  Regardless, not all players are developing at the proper rate.  The Fire program is divided into two levels, Premier and Division I to allow for proper development and a couple of important dynamics- appropriate level training and play for each player, incentive to grow.

Premier Level

The Premier Level demands a very strong commitment from each player, parent, manager and coach.  We are looking to accelerate development for those elite players who need a fast paced, demanding environment.  The coaching staff in the premier group has over 40 years of combined coaching experience, playing experience and coaching education earning USSF National C licenses.  At the Fire, we work hard, we train hard and we play hard.  We, at all times, expect the kind of play a serious athletic soccer player would execute.  We will establish a rigorous training program designed to provide opportunities for maintenance and development of advanced individual skill, growth in tactical knowledge and acceleration in speed of play.  We will provide a challenging yet fun environment that stimulates growth, creativity, competition and positive emotional health.

Premier Level teams will train and play year round (with a few breaks disbursed throughout the year).   These teams can expect to play in premier-level tournaments throughout the year with increasing travel for the older age groups.  Teams will play the highest level competition in the region.  We will play an aggressive, attacking style of soccer at the highest achievable level.  Because of the demands of playing at this level, every Premier Level player is expected to commit to attend all training sessions for their specific team.

Division I

Division I teams are considered more developmental than the Premier Level teams.  However, they are geared toward developing players and preparing them to compete at the Premier Level.  These teams are typically comprised of players who are above the travel level, but are not quite yet elite players.  The Fire places a high emphasis on player development over winning at this level and provides professional coaches and training under the supervision of the Premier Level coaches.

The main objective of the Division I level experience is to prepare kids to move to the Premier Level as soon as they are ready.  We will provide continuous opportunities to improve technical ability (footskills, passing, shooting), tactical comprehension (understanding the flow of the game, ability to analyze play, making appropriate decisions), physical capabilities (fitness, strength) and psychological outlook (confidence, self-worth, acceptance of responsibility).  During the process a player may “guest” play periodically with one of the Premier teams to gauge his readiness for the next level.   We believe that this particular opportunity to “move up” will provide an incentive for these players to step up their game at every opportunity.

Bring everything you have to each training session and contest, be eager to train and play outside of your comfort zone and seize every opportunity to make yourself a better player and you will be amazed at what you are able to achieve.  Each and every player we select is capable of being that player that brings their team success.  How far your team can go is up to you!